Polymeric Interconnect, Inc. 

Disruptive Innovation in Thin Film Printed Electronics


History of Polymeric Interconnect, Inc.

Polymeric Interconnect, Inc. (PII) was incorporated in 2002 and is the successor entity to Summit Valley Technology which was operated by Hugh Craig from 1990 through 2002.  Hugh Craig and Derril Steele are chemists that have developed numerous patented proprietary chemical formulations and other intellectual property that are specific to the Electronic Materials Packaging Industry.

Extensive product development and research efforts of electronic materials were conducted from 1996 through 2001 under a Joint Development Agreement with Multicore Solders, Ltd. in the United Kingdom. When Loctite Corporation acquired Multicore in 2002, the products and intellectual property that were developed under the JDA became the property of Hugh Craig. (Loctite’s position was that the technology developed was not currently compatible with their present product line - i.e.; they are not in the electronic industry).

Through contacts in the Electronic Materials Packaging Industry, it was learned that Dow Corning Corporation (DCC) of Midland, Michigan was endeavoring to acquire polymer based electronic material technology. Polymeric Interconnect was formed as the entity through which Dow Corning participated in funding further development and commercialization efforts.  As a result, DCC invested significant funds as options to purchase stock in PII and eventually purchased Mr. Craig’s and Mr. Steele’s entire advanced conductive ink patent portfolios. The purchase agreement specified future royalties and a multi-year consulting agreement as well as allowing PII to retain the manufacturing rights. The intent was for PII to become the manufacturing entity that would produce the products for Dow Corning at such time that Dow Corning deemed that the products were suitable for commercial availability. As a result, PII invested significant funds to develop a manufacturing facility in Butte, Montana. During the process of establishing manufacturing operations in Montana, a management change at Dow Corning lead the company to exit its venture into organic electronic materials. 

Polymeric Interconnect relocated from Orange County, California to Butte, Montana in 2005, with laboratory, research and manufacturing facilities established at 8 S. Montana Street in Butte.  PII is currently actively seeking other joint venture / investment partners to help develop and market it's intellectual property and product portfolio. 

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